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Mar 2020

Operators support the worst uncertainty level ever

On March 19, RME Fob ARA and rapeseed oil ddp NWE prices were recorded at the same level (USD 775/mt), illustrating the gravity of the biodiesel market situation. Since the virus outbreak, energy prices have fallen much quicker than vegetable oils, forcing some biodiesel sellers to get rid of positions with a massive loss. As…

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Dec 2019

UCOME proposed for DC in 2020

Local sources revealed this week that the Danish Parliament is currently studying a draft of law that would amend the Biofuels Act and introduce major changes to the regulatory environment. After years of delaying, authorities finally do what it takes to comply with the RED target next year. The draft of law will be debated…

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Oct 2019

Biofuels quota for shipping studied

Norwegian authorities have released “The Government’s action plan for green shipping” in which increasing the use of biodiesel is clearly mentioned as an important mean of halving emissions from domestic shipping by 2030. As was the case with the aviation sector (0.5% vol. blending obligation from 2020), Norway is seriously thinking about introducing a biofuels…

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Aug 2019

HVO market surged in Q1-19

The Air Resources Board (ARB) published the latest update displaying the volumes of biofuels used to generate LCFS credits under the 5% GHG reduction mandate. The consumption of HVO has experienced an impressive leap: + 68% compared to the same period last year. As expected, fulfilling the new GHG mandate in California appears to be…

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Jun 2019

Editorial: The washing-machine for fake POS is on

Suspected fraudulent uses of the certification and mass balance systems have been on operator’s minds for years. The UCO complex has always been at the center of doubts, mainly because its supply is so fragmented and its value so high. After weeks of intense rumors, Dutch authorities have finally provided details about an alleged criminal…

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Apr 2019

UCOME production accelerated

Official data released by the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) confirmed that UCOME production has doubled each quarter during last year. In parallel, our cross-check with Eurostat data suggests that the physical incorporation of Fame exceeded the 800 KT mark. In Q4-18, a total of 234 KT of Fame had been produced in Poland,…

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Feb 2019

Regulatory framework finalized

This year will mark the rebirth of the Croatian biodiesel market as the new penalty system which, approved recently through a ministerial decree, is now fully operative. Because they face an “environmental fee” in case of non-compliance, obligated parties should work to fulfill as much as possible of the 7.85% e.c and 3% GHG reduction…

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Dec 2018

6.2 million cum of PME allocated for 2019

In a move confirming the new willingness to fully enforce the B20 program, the government released the quota attribution for the whole of 2019. All fuel distributors from the non-PSO sector also received volumes, adding a demand of 0.5 million cum/y. The new penalty system should force all operators mentioned in this allocation to perform…

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Nov 2018

UCO imports are increasing steeply

Our analysis of the latest Eurostat data available, covering the Jan-Aug period, highlighted an acceleration of the monthly pace. In July and August, the EU imported about 120 KT per month. Most of the growth is currently fuelled by Asian origins. After a very strong 1H-18, imports of used cooking oil under the 15180095/99 codes sustained their growth into July (119…

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Sep 2018

Lack of biomethane will support Fame

Market sources explained the mechanism for advanced biofuels pricing, with interesting estimations of the total mandate to be filled in 2018. We complete these information with hard fact gathered from the GSE guidelines covering the application of the March 2, 2018 decree. Sources very familiar with the Italian market confirmed that the share of biomethane…

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