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Feb 2019

Regulatory framework finalized

This year will mark the rebirth of the Croatian biodiesel market as the new penalty system which, approved recently through a ministerial decree, is now fully operative. Because they face an “environmental fee” in case of non-compliance, obligated parties should work to fulfill as much as possible of the 7.85% e.c and 3% GHG reduction…

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Dec 2018

6.2 million cum of PME allocated for 2019

In a move confirming the new willingness to fully enforce the B20 program, the government released the quota attribution for the whole of 2019. All fuel distributors from the non-PSO sector also received volumes, adding a demand of 0.5 million cum/y. The new penalty system should force all operators mentioned in this allocation to perform…

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Nov 2018

UCO imports are increasing steeply

Our analysis of the latest Eurostat data available, covering the Jan-Aug period, highlighted an acceleration of the monthly pace. In July and August, the EU imported about 120 KT per month. Most of the growth is currently fuelled by Asian origins. After a very strong 1H-18, imports of used cooking oil under the 15180095/99 codes sustained their growth into July (119…

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Sep 2018

Lack of biomethane will support Fame

Market sources explained the mechanism for advanced biofuels pricing, with interesting estimations of the total mandate to be filled in 2018. We complete these information with hard fact gathered from the GSE guidelines covering the application of the March 2, 2018 decree. Sources very familiar with the Italian market confirmed that the share of biomethane…

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Jun 2018

Data Highlight Palm Phase-out

The Danish Fuels Industry Association published a detailed energy report for the year 2017. The figures describing the biodiesel feedstock mix show that rapeseed has gained a massive market share compared to palm, the report even mentioning a “phase-out” of the Asian feedstock. In 2016, Denmark had seen a serious flow of palm and PFAD-based…

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Apr 2018

Advanced Producers at a Glance

Leader of Sustainable Biofuels (LSB) is a coalition of companies working together to promote the advanced biofuels mandate in the EU. The interview of its President, also the Director of Public Affairs at UPM, provided us with interesting background about how much advanced biofuels, according to Annex IX Part A of the ILUC directive, is…

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Mar 2018

UERS Rules Into Law

The “UER-Verordnung” has been voted on by the Cabinet and published in the Official Journal at the end of January. The final version reflects what we had previously reported, but a key uncertainty remains about the eligibility of CDM projects to the scheme. The main developments brought by the law are the following: Upstream Emissions…

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Jan 2018

HVO100 Absorbs 60 KCUM Monthly

The new data released by SPBI for Sep-Nov confirmed the HVO100 segment more than doubled last year. Between 2015 and 2017, this market had been amazingly multiplied by 15 times. The very fast development of the pure HVO segment continued in Q3 and Q4 2017, putting the HVO consumption growth at a solid 36%. We’re…

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Nov 2017

CNMC Wants DC By 2019 Only

The CNMC released a document in September that answers the stakeholders’ comments about the project of Royal Decree that will transpose the ILUC directive into the Spanish law. The 52-pages document constitutes the CNMC’s answer to the stakeholders’ comments received about the draft that circulated in May (see BMR n°200). The CNMC proposed minor changes…

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Sep 2017

DFT Published A New Proposal For RTFO And GHG Regulation Changes

The Department for Transport (DfT) published today the main points of the government’s answer to the RTFO and GHG Regulations consultation, both closed on January 22, 2017. Like we announced two weeks ago, the DfT targets April 2018 to implement the changes. The following points are proposed to reform the RTFO: Increasing the obligation level…

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