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Oct 2022

Penalty increase in 2023 drafted

The French government published yesterday the draft law for the 2023 budget. As we anticipated, it confirmed the plan to increase the level of penalty in case of non-compliance from 2023. It also contains mandate increases for both diesel and gasoline. The article 8 of the “projet de loi de finance (PLF) 2023” contains the…

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Jul 2022

Animal fats C1/C2 covered 46% of the biofuels mix in 2021

The Norwegian Environment Agency just published the official figures for biofuels use under the 24.5% vol. mandate last year.  Contrary to many countries in the world, the size of the Norwegian road fuel pool (diesel + gasoline) has not evolved between 2019 (3.9 million cum) and 2020/2021 (3.8 million cum for both years). A total…

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Apr 2022

FQD transposed 13 years after

The Real Decreto-ley 6/2022 de 29 de Marzo, containing measures “of emergency” linked to the national plan in response to the war in Ukraine, was published on March 30, 2022 in the Official Journal. It contains the FQD target obligation, awaited for more than a decade. The Chapter 5 of the Decree (Articles 11 to…

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Feb 2022

UCO supply from US vanishing

Our analysis of the latest available set of Eurostat data showed a massive contraction of the US origination and a strong rebound of the Asian supply. The Union imported 1.26 million mt of UCO under the two main codes (151895+99) during 9M21 as during the same period in 2020, down 2%, amid a harsher competitive…

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Nov 2021

Full ban of crop biodiesel drafted for 2027

The Ministry of Economy has circulated a draft of law aimed at transposing several articles of the RED2 Directive. The text contains a detailed – not to say complex – plan to progressively increase the blending mandates, advanced sub-targets and caps from 2023 to 2030. It also contains a devastating plan for crop-based biodiesel, which…

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Aug 2021

2020 full picture unveiled

The National Emission Authority (NEa) published its annual energy and transport report covering 2020. We review here the main findings of our analysis. Key 2020 developments were the surge of Fame use by the bunkering sector, the E10 steep uptake and the quick development of biogas. Fame consumption was recorded up 19% to 578 KT:…

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Apr 2021

RTFO reform draft under consultation

The Department for Transport (DfT) launched last week a public consultation opened until April 23: “Amending the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) to increase carbon savings on land, air and at sea”. We review here the main features of the proposal, which marks the strong will of the DfT to quickly implement a more ambitious…

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Feb 2021

UER projects over performing

The DEHSt has released 9 verification reports confirming the actual reductions achieved by 4 projects during various periods in 2020. All of them delivered more reductions than what was announced at the start of the project. This should have an impact on the quota compliance for both 2020 and 2021. We release here the first…

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Nov 2020

Blending only 3% up in 2019

The Energy Agency’s annual report was finally published, highlighting a temporary reduction of HVO consumption, mainly due to the HVO100 setback. Fame demand was up 23%. A total of 1.34 million mt of HVO* have been absorbed by the Swedish market in 2019, down 8% compared to 2018. This is actually the second year in…

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Aug 2020

Unexpected new incentive for -10°

Our sources at French Ministries directed us towards the third “Loi de Finance rectificative 2020” (third rectified budget law for 2020) to confirm that a new incentive has been granted to Fame -10° for the August-December period. We explain it all here. The new text of law was published on July 31 in the Official…

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