Everything you ever wanted to know about renewable fuels, but didn't know who to ask

SquareCo was founded in 2012 on the Leman Lake shores in Switzerland, to bring inside information to players active in alternative fuels markets: biodiesel, ethanol and advanced fuels

The founder, Olivier Pellegrinelli, is a Swiss national with a strong background on renewable fuels as a broker, analyst and consultant. His deep knowledge of the markets, coupled with its extensive network of players and decision-makers, built up the company into a reference of the biofuels sphere.

Despite the controversy surrounding first generation biofuels, SquareCo strongly believes the alternative fuels industry will deliver long-term solutions to supply the energy mix of the 21st century. As technology, political support and market forces evolve in a complex and constantly moving environment, market players need in-depth analysis and forward thinking to address future challenges.

Square Commodities SARL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone: +41 79 676 8887

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