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Renewable Fuels Markets Intelligence

High expertise on low carbon fuels

With more than +20 years of experience, a meticulous regulatory expertise and a strong establishment with the biggest market players, SquareCo provides must-have analytics to understand and follow the renewable fuels market.

Low carbon fuel market overview

Tomorrow’s Opportunities

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Our specialists handle the regulatory complexity to deliver precise and thoughtful analyses that help our clients anticipate changes.


Our solutions allow a better understanding of the broad spectrum of products and feedstocks delivering low-carbon solutions.

New Frontiers

As the market expands to new transport sectors and geographical zones, we help our clients to deal with mounting complexity to seize every opportunity.

Our Solutions

Renewable Fuels Intelligence Platform

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Exhaustive end-use regulatory analytics and statistical data including low-carbon fuels forecasts.

Global Coverage

Renewable fuels markets are growingly interconnected, a fact we address through exhaustive scrutinizing of global low-carbon incentives.

Real Time Updates

Our extended network of sources and tracking technologies allow us to monitor changes efficiently.


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Platform access

Tiered Pricing

Small Team

Up to 3 user licences


Up to 10 user licences


Unlimited user licences

User licenses packages prices depend on team size. Contact us to get a quote


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Consulting Projects

We offer tailored consulting services to our customers including work on market sizes, forecasts, mandates, use limitation, legal frameworks in specified countries and other relevant analyses.

As examples: HVO standards in Europe, Biofuels taxes in Sweden, Certificate system in Italy or Pricing of wastes qualities globally.

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