Thematic Studies

RED3, FuelEU, RefuelEU

Deep Dive into 2030 Consumption Perspectives
...We demonstrate that the implications of the RED3 enactment are massive. They will double the transport target (14 to 29%) and extend the scope to all transport sectors simultaneously, with major repercussions on the low-carbon fuels market. Since EU legislators require maritime and aviation sectors to cover 6% GHG reduction and 6% volume by 2030, they implicitly burden more mature sectors (road and rail) to compensate for this significant gap in the RED3 perspective. Moreover, extending the scope to a broader energy pool significantly impacts the size of the crop/9B caps and advanced/RFNBOs sub-targets....

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Annex 9A

This study aims at proposing a clearer vision of the origin of the most promising 9A feedstocks, explaining their basics and estimating their potential supply in the coming decade. The result of our preliminary work leaded to the selection of 13 feedstocks that hold a potential with technologies already mastered by biofuels companies.

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Annex 9B

In this study, SquareCo analysis team established methodologies to provide a realistic estimation of the potential used cooking oil (UCO) and animal fats quantities available globally for the biofuels industry.

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