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Aug 2021

2020 full picture unveiled

The National Emission Authority (NEa) published its annual energy and transport report covering 2020. We review here the main findings of our analysis.

  • Key 2020 developments were the surge of Fame use by the bunkering sector, the E10 steep uptake and the quick development of biogas.
  • Fame consumption was recorded up 19% to 578 KT: 356 KT from the road sector and 222 KT from the bunkering.
  • UCOME (442 KT), TME C1/C2 (96) and POME ME (27) were the main Fame qualities used. Other advanced ME totaled 12 KT. Note that the quantity of TME almost doubled compared to 2019.
  • Based on diesel consumption (5.8 million mt), we calculate a 6.1% vol. blending ratio for the road sector, below the full optimization of B7.
  • The growth of HVO has been negative: -57% at only 47 KT, mainly due to the reliance on tickets generated by the bunkering sector. Most of it (38) was UCO-based and the remainder was advanced (POME + SBE).
  • Ethanol consumption surged by 38% to 352 KT, as the E10 market share progressed very quickly. This evolution fueled a significant share of the biofuels needs raised from the mandate increase to 17.5% e.c.
  • The progression of DC ethanol use was significant, mainly thanks to low grade starch, an advanced feedstock, which increased to 76 KT (+30 vs 2019). Wastes ethanol totaled 82 KT.
  • Consequently, bionaphta (mostly UCO-based) has been less used than in 2019, down 48% to 16 KT.
  • Biogas use increased steeply, as the competition towards compliance means supported the replacement of a greater share of LNG/CNG: +84% at 29 KT. Almost all of it was recorded as DC advanced.